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Establishment of a management system for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment in Romania




Problem definition


Romania has committed itself to implementation of EU legislation and policies. One of the many activities of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and the Ministry of Environment and Water Management is to transpose and implement the EU Directives governing the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The Directives have recently been transposed into Romanian legislation through Government Decision No. 448/2005 (Pdf-En-222Kb) and No. 992/2005 (Pdf-27Kb-En) accompagnied by Ministerial Orders No. 1225/2005 (Pdf-49Kb-En), 1223/2005 (Pdf-97Kb-En) and 901/2005 (Pdf-15Kb-En). The EU Directives and EU environmental policies state clearly that the industry has to accept the responsibility for taking back and recycling WEEE. This responsibility will be adopted in the Regulations and therefore the Ministry seeks active participation of the industry for the implementation of these Regulations.


The Government of the Netherlands has initiated a project aimed at assisting the Romanian Government with the implementation of the above-mentioned Directive. A Consortium led by DHV is selected to carry out this project. The industry, that is producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment, are invited to participate via working groups in this project. On this website, progress of this project will be published, as well as relevant documents, links to documents from the EU and others.



Dutch Pre-accession Programme (PSO)


The Netherlands supports candidate member states of the European Union in their approximation efforts. Three Pre-accession Programmes are executed for this purpose. Their common objectives are to support the public sector in the candidate member states in the implementation of the Acquis and secondly to establish lasting relationships between government institutions in The Netherlands and the recipient countries.


One of the Pre-accession Programmes specifically aims at environmental projects. In this Programme a project has been identified supporting the Ministries of Economy and Commerce and Environment and Water Management in Romania in establishing a system for the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The absence of regulated collection and recycling systems, recognising producersí responsibility is considered as the most relevant problem in view of this project.





In general terms the project aims at contributing to the accession of Romania to the EU. It particularly focuses on Romania's obligation as a candidate EU member, to make the necessary adaptations of its national legislation regarding WEEE conform EU Directives 2002/96/EEC (Pdf-176Kb-En) and 2002/95/EEC (Pdf-95Kb-En) and the development of an institutional framework for the implementation.


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